My Last Dance (announcement)

My Last Dance165

Last night I watched TRUMP on Netflix. Eventually, I’m sure it will be a series however so far there were only two one-hour episodes. It is a documentary from his early years until he announced he would run for President.

Several people who either knew Donald or worked for him or interviewed him shared their stories.

I recall one staff person who had an appointment with Donald. This person entered the room. Trump was behind his massive desk. More than a dozen newspapers were stacked beside him. Each had a yellow sticky note, flagging a specific part of the newspaper.

As the person waited, Trump picked up a newspaper, turned to the yellow sticky note section and scanned the information. He quickly set it aside and pick up the next newspaper.

The process took about 15 minutes. Finally, unable to contain his curiosity, Mr. Staff person leaned over Trump to discover The Donald was reading what others were saying about him.

Here is what my publisher wrote about me.

“My Last Dance is a bittersweet adventure. Follow Joseph Lacey and his two therapy dogs as they travel across the US, doing their best to avoid pitfalls and fight back against the entropy of time. A slice of life that will warm your heart and maybe even crack a few laughs.”

I like reading good things people say about me. <grin>

……. Here’s the thing…

Amazon now has my latest book, “My Last Dance” listed. The eBook edition is available. In a week or two (maybe sooner) the print version will be out.

It’s an easy read with lots of photos. The eBook photos are in color; the print version is black/white but still very nice.

When you read it, I would greatly appreciate you writing a review.

(the tough part is… My Last Dance features the Casita travel trailer… if you are not into recreation vehicles or that lifestyle… why would you even be interested?)

My shoulders slump, my voice falters, and my eyes slide away from looking directly at you as I reluctantly plead… “Well, I’ve got photos of Bernie and Chris in there.”

Ok, ok… what else can I say?

Here’s the good news… “Dog Therapy & Travel Adventures” is at the publishers. This third book has more stories about Bernie and Chris. Sharp photos and it should be available in a few months.

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