Having fun

Recently, I saw an Amazon advertisement for a cell phone attachment that might allow me to increase capturing photos.

Ordering the telescope, it arrived today. Within thirty minutes I was able to snap a few photos.

I have a tiny garden as part of my miniature backyard.

original403What the camera lens sees. The desired target is a specific birdhouse. (original photo)


crop320Using the original photo, I cropped the birdhouse.

Cropped from the original photo.




The first attempt with the telescope attached to the cellphone. The Photopad editing software set an auto-focus.









Using my Photopad editing software, I attempt increasing the sun-faded red paint.








The verdict is mixed. One of the nice features of using a cell phone camera is taking excellent photos without carrying additional attachment. There is a disadvantage of potentially missing photos some distance away.

The original photo captures a general shot of the small garden foliage. However, the birdhouse is barely seen. Only by enlarging and cropping the original can the birdhouse be captured.

Using the telescope attachment easily isolates the birdhouse. Does the photograph have the required clarity? Can it be improved with edit software?

Although Amazon offers several telescopes, I selected one for $31.99.



10×42 Monocular Telescope, VEMTONA HD Compact Monocular Scope with Phone Clip, Waterproof BAK4 Prism FMC Lens, Single Hand Focus for Adults/Outdoors/Bird Watching/Hunting/Camping/Travel

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