They’re Back!

Damn! They’re back. It’s the last of August, and the first of more than twenty-five hundred registered winter visitors arrive.

From about the middle of September until the first of April we are invaded by folks seeking Arizona’s fun in the sun

For about a hundred of Siesta RV Resort’s permanent residents, it again becomes a love-hate relationship.

The love-hate connection isn’t about the twenty-five hundred people and their more than seven hundred pets.

The love-hate bond belongs to the fierce, hot summer temperatures. It can be a confusing comparison.

You might think the conflicting association focuses on the winter visitors. After all, their presence produces crowded parking and lots of unwelcomed party noise.

Well, yes there is that. But, it becomes more personal.

When the seasonal invasion happens, I am very tense whenever I drive the car. I can be an accident waiting to happen.

While driving during the hot summer, I am fairly calm. The streets are frequently free from traffic jams. Locating a parking spot close to stores is fairly easy.

Small things, but I look forward to the minimum traffic and easy parking. It’s also a distraction from the suffering seasonal sizzling temperatures.

BrTight400So, here’s the real problem with winter visitors.

Notice that five-foot wide car. It will be parked directly across from my carport.

Notice the carport entrance in front of that car.

Now, eyeball the short distance between the carport sidewalk edge, and the narrow street width. The distance measures barely seventeen feet.

I become extremely nervous whenever a car is parked directly across from my carport. The limited street width combined with the wide parked car, create tight maneuvering

For me to back out or pull my car into the carport requires careful turning. To avoid causing an accident, I’m known to use colorful language in addition to excellent driving skills.

Twice a day, I must drive the dogs to the desert for their exercise. There are many other times during the week I drive the car.

From now until early next April, a vehicle will be partially blocking my carport access.

Damn winter visitors.

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