Maybe next time

Saturday, November 24, 2018, the temperature finally climbed to 72 degrees at four in the afternoon. I’d taken Bernie and Chris to the desert about seven that morning.

At that time the overcast sky provided no great opportunity to capture photos. The fifty-two-degree temperature didn’t help. The dogs didn’t exhibit a lot of enthusiasm with such cool weather. Rousted from their warm bed, they weren’t excited

That said, they completed their morning exercise without fanfare. Their normal horseplay was minimal. They wanted to get back home and snuggle down in warmth. So did I.

So here we were on the way to the desert. Now, I couldn’t get there fast enough. As I approached the stoplight, far ahead I spotted a hot-air balloon. The colorful orb appeared at our desert spot. From my vantage point in the car, the balloon appeared still on the ground. Or, perhaps had just lifted into the air.

As soon as the light turned, I floored the car and began the five-mile race to our desert spot. Even as the car ate up the miles, the balloon rose in the air.

The wind carried the balloon about a half-mile east of the road, and by the time we raced past, the craft had sailed over a hundred feet in the sky.

balloonNormal275Reaching the desert, I stopped and grabbed the iPhone and took this shot.

Slowly, the balloon continued rising and drifted both east and north. Now, the distance away increased to three-quarters of a mile.

I let the dogs out of the car, and as they bounded away to explore, I tried the iPhone zoom feature.


Balloon280I didn’t realize the magnification of the iPhone.

Had we left ten minutes earlier, we would have been much closer.

Although the hot air balloons are a common sight during this time of the year, they usually launch about fifteen to twenty miles east. The specific location is next to the junction of Carefree Highway and Interstate 17. 

Also, most of the time there is over one balloon launched. Could only one balloon and our desert area be a new test launch position?

We will continue coming here at the same time. Maybe next time we get lucky.

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