Crazy Camera…


  iPhone6sPlus239 I’m learning how to use my cell phone camera. I would have to take an extensive photo course on this camera to learn how to use all its features.

It’s much more than a point-n-shoot. It is a complete editing software workhorse.

I use my desktop editing software for that task though I doubt I’ll master it. The primary reason, it takes too much of my time. I’ve other things I want to do.

Ask any serious photographer (amateur or professional), and they will agree you can spend HOURS and HOURS absorbed in processing your work.

Here’s what I mean.

This morning we went to the desert and arrived about fifteen minutes before dawn. I was interested in how sensitive of some camera features.

One of the many features was the ability to focus a specific subject within the camera frame. The amount of subject light within the subject was also adjustable.

These photo processing techniques were usually performed with separate equipment or software.

My iPhone allows me to do it my touch or sliding the tip of my finger on the screen. It is MUCH easier to do when the camera is on a tripod. The tripod allows a quick tough-slide maneuver.

Although three pictures are the same, the results were dramatically different.

Dawn was still minutes away as I as I approached the car. I spotted a bush and wanted to make it a photo subject. However, I also wanted the mid and distant objects to be in focus.

I used the tip of my finger to touch where the bush appeared on my camera screen. Without a tripod, I couldn’t manipulate the amount of light. Here was the result. 

 manualsharp331The car window appeared as orange-gold. The camera digitally adjusted the amount of light entering the camera aperture.




fact378Here was the actual photo─a ‘point-

n-shoot’ shot:

 Now you know why the car window had an orange-gold color. The dramatic sky hides the bush and the car.

The potential dramatic dawn sky is a good reason to get out of bed and view it. With Bernie and Chris by my side to share is great (though I doubt they appreciate the view)

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