A very large, beautiful healthy coyote ran out from between two park models… Chris and Bernie were in the street. Bernie gave a half-hearted run for it… but Chris was already attempting to be right on its heels. (it was larger than Chris).

I used my dog-whistle and that sort-of-stopped Chris. But only for a moment. He lit out again, and I used the whistle again. This whistle dance went on for at least twenty seconds… he didn’t want to give up.

However, the coyote was long out of sight… and that’s probably the only reason Chris gave up and came to me.

Javelinas – peccary – gregarious

What’s THAT all about? <grin>

When I was writing about the coyote dashing out from between two park models in our recreational vehicle resort, I thought you might like to know about those desert-like pigs (they are not pigs, just look like them). javelinas406

Here in Arizona, we call them javelina, but the proper name is peccary. It is a medium-sized hoofed mammal. They are social animals, and I’ve seen three of them placidly wandering around this resort.

Wandering is a loose term. They are not pets. Like the coyote, they will scatter if you approach them. I don’t know anyone who wants to approach them. They have an odor strong enough to be picked up by humans, which earns the peccary the nickname of “skunk pig.”

Sunflower RV Resort, where I live, is in Surprise, Arizona. It backs up to the Agua Fria River.

The Agua Fria River, about a quarter-mile across, it is now a dry wash with small trees and scrub brush. Coyotes, javelinas live there. I’m sure other animals live there as well.

Both the coyote and javelinas use our resort as a convenient meal ticket. Sunflower RV resort is a five-star recreational park that advertises all the amenities humans enjoy.

Swimming pools, more than two dozen craft activities. The facilities are wonderfully landscaped with lush grass and flowers and pools with turtles and fish. Ducks fly in and make themselves at home.

Although coyotes and javelinas can’t read the brochures, they know a good thing when it is right next door.

All that water and grass attracts rabbits during the night, and both coyotes and javelinas hunt at night.

Humans also feed the coyotes and javelinas by leaving out their garbage. Monday and Thursday are garbage truck morning.

Right on schedule, late Sunday and Wednesday night we can expect coyotes and javelinas to check out which humans couldn’t wait until Monday and Thursday morning.

Things have a wonderful way of working out for the coyote and javelina. During the winter season, Sunflower is overflowing with winter visitors, and the garbage is plentiful.

In March, the winter visitors leave, until next September. However, Spring is when all the newborn rabbits start appearing. Coyotes love rabbit meat.

Although javelinas preferred foods consist of roots, grasses, seeds, fruit, and cacti… particularly prickly pear… they will eat insects, grubs, and occasionally small animals.

It’s April 2, 2018. Now that I know coyotes are active, I need to be extremely alert when both Chris and Bernie get in and out of the car. I don’t want them darting after the elusive coyote slipping around the neighborhood.

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