The sign

The single word caught my attention. “Available” was the word, but what also hooked me what how it displayed.

Available352Posted on the opposite side of the desert road, the sign was twenty feet before our desert entry spot.

The clever advertisement required stopping. Could it contain more information?

Information? Yes, from a distance, the entire sign displayed tiny lines, too small to recognize what they meant.

The sign was posted next to a large, vacant piece of desert. Nearby were two communities —the furthest site a mile, and the closest a half-mile.

Did those tiny squiggle lines show proposed streets for a new community? The only one way to find out was to stop and look closely at the sign.

zoomSign303Ingenious. The resourceful marketer reused a piece of wood.

It was a work of art. A paint layer covered the original advertisement. The bold “S O S partners” letters bled through.

A cagy artist applied a crackled paint mixture, so the result appeared as “streets.” Brilliant.

For six years I searched for places to exercise Bernie and Chris. We lived near Phoenix, with the entire southern Arizona area economically expanding. Our part of the Sonoran Desert continued to shrink as land development changed the landscape.

We came here about two years ago. I hoped we might have a few years before they built homes. The “Available” sign signaled time to look further in the desert.

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