Mad dogs (not really)

I’ve grown up with that American Food tradition… Hamburger, Fries, and Coke. Most of the time I shared some fries with Bernie and Chris.

For over 40 years, as I recall, the fries were tasty and crunchy. However, these days I find them less tasty and limp.

The dogs liked them fine. It started that I would eat most of the fries and the dogs got a few. Now, I buy the fries, and they end up eating most. Like most things, out of habit, I ordered “Burger, fries, and coke.”

About two weeks ago, a friend told me about Air Fryer and how it cooked healthy food. When she mentioned French fries, she got my attention.

I bought an Air Fryer. Hamburger was the first thing I tried. It was okay. No, it tasted better than okay and cleanup became a breeze. When the boys sniffed the hamburger, they waited for their fries.

No fries.

The success spurred me on to make fries. Although I made no mistakes, I decided to order a French fry cutter. I made the decision because all my potatoes were very small. They tasted fine, but it took time to slice them.

I think it will take just as much time to haul out this fancy French fry cutter and set it up; then it takes time to slice about ten small potatoes.

smallspud336The first step was to slice the small potatoes. Then, washed them in cold water for about ten minutes to rinse off excess starch. I spread them on a towel to soak up remaining moisture.




prepared347In a small bowl, I pour two tablespoons of olive oil. The other seasonings were salt, pepper, red pepper, oregano, garlic &herbs, thyme, smoked paprika, and yellow mustard. This stuff had been on the shelves for a while. I never opened some containers. No measuring, maybe     less than a teaspoon for most.


seasoned344I used a Ziploc baggie to mix the ingredients. After a few minutes of squeezing, all potatoes were coated.






TBAF332Dumped the potatoes into the fryer and separated them. I set the temperature to 370 for 12 minutes. I checked them at the 10-minute mark. The outside was okay, but  the inside needed another five minutes.




done334  Although they looked good enough to eat right in the fryer, I poured  Ketchup in a small bowl.




eat332The fries were both hot and tasty. Dipped into the Ketchup and washed down with a coke, they were delicious.

Bernie and Chris got none. They were not pleased.



FF cutter335When the French fry arrives after Christmas, I will test it out. With enough fries, the dogs might get spoiled again.

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