‘Tis the Tar Season

Each year about this time, every street and other surface where vehicles drive or park… get a fresh coat of tar. It’s a big job because a small crew manually did it.

Here’s bird’s-eye view of what they faced:

Sunflower RV379My closed community contained about 15 narrow streets and a couple of open parking areas. In past years, various companies did the work. By using a multi-nozzle arrangement, the equipment spread tar in a single pass

This year, a very small crew manually did the work. It took a few more days, but they did a professional job.




vacuumSt352First, they used a powerful machine to blow all debris from the street.






stripLay352The next step involved spreading a thin line of tar next to the sidewalk on each side of the street.





broomPush351Then, the thin tar was evenly spread. He took care, so the tar did not break the sidewalk line.







The final step required walking back and forth to evenly spread the tar from one side of the street to the other.

Can you imagine how many steps he took when each spray width was about five feet? Each street was over 300 feet long.

stop356But they are not quite finished. Lines need painted in the parking lot and crosswalks. Also, every street must have two STOP signs.

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