Stolen from elsewhere

Stolen from elsewhere

I’m guilty. I read a lot… and I repeat what I’ve read. However, I don’t always give credit to the source.

It isn’t intentional. A lot of the time these wonderful expressions or words of wisdom stick with me, long after the original source has been forgotten.

When that happens, I usually pass the source off with by saying, “I read somewhere.”

However, I am trying to be more specific when sharing my reading experiences. Thus, the title “Stolen from Elsewhere.”


“Don’t Just”  
 Don’t just learn, experience. 

Don’t just read, absorb. 

Don’t just change, transform. 

Don’t just relate, advocate. 

Don’t just promise, prove. 

Don’t just criticize, encourage. 

Don’t just think, ponder. 

Don’t just take, give. 

Don’t just see, feel. 

Don’t just dream, do. 

Don’t just hear, listen. 

Don’t just talk, act. 

Don’t just tell, show. 

Don’t just exist, live.” 


~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart 

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