My Casita Maze…

My Casita Maze…


 My friend Mike emailed me today, “How’s it going with your Casita?”

My quick response was I feel like I am in a maze. Everywhere I turn I run into another challenge.

It has been quite an adventure. It’s only beginning, and I have yet to tow the Casita and learn how to back it up. (and the Pagosa rally is next month in Colorado)

I’ve written about the hitching problem… Everything from my inability to separate the hitch from the coupler to having to buy a hitch for the Toyota.

About that time, I had a procedure in my left eye. The result had very blurry eyesight. I couldn’t find anything, I couldn’t fix anything, and I certainly couldn’t drive and tow the Casita.

Naturally, that was exactly the time for the Resort management to let me know I had to move the Casita from in front of my home.

Friend John was kind enough to chauffeur the Casita to Coyote pass RV storage about four miles away.  Casita storage

It is almost hidden in the walls between two trailers. It cost fifty dollars a month.

When we hitched up the Casita, we discovered a leak in my air bags. Toyota air bag-300

I wasn’t expecting that expense. The air bags are installed within the Toyota’s coil springs.  On Monday (Aug 7) I take the Toyota to the shop for their installation. They are a direct replacement from my original seven-year old set.

After more than six years, the original Casita spare tire cover rotted away. I thought it would be a simple matter to replace it.

This is another challenge. Casita’s standard tires are 14 inches. Many people upgrade to 15-inch tires and rims. Now, this is only my thinking, but I believe the spare tire mount was designed for a 14-inch tire. (this hasn’t been verified by Casita).

In any event, my 15-inch spare tire almost<?> sits on the rear bumper. The result became obvious when I tried to fit the new Casita spare tire cover on the 15-inch tire.  

tire cover-a33  Droopy, isn’t it?

With the bottom of the tire pinching the back bumper, I am unable to shove the cover under the tire bottom.

It is now early Saturday morning on August 5. The storage facility opens at 7, and I was parked at the gate when Brad drove up. He recently started working at Coyote Pass RV storage facility. As soon as he buzzed me in, I drove to my storage spot. It was already 92 degrees with 52 percent humidity. Without a cloud in the sky, the searing sun was already making its presence felt. I wanted to finish this spare tire cover project as quickly as possible.

I laid out my tools: Casita tools-300  I didn’t know how difficult it would be to pry the heavy tire off the bumper and safely secure it in position. I ended up using the thickest piece of wood.

With the tire propped up, I used the wrench to tighten the mounting nut. Then I wiggled the tire cover into the best position I could.

It’s not perfect, but it fits:  Casita spare cover300

With time and traveling down the road, maybe the fabric will smooth out.

I still haven’t towed the Casita. However, I must make opportunities to do that before the 21st of August. On that date, I will tow the Casita to Konrad at LittleHouseCustomsArizona in Camp Verde.

In a few hours, he will install a flexible battery cable and battery disconnect switch.

A few words about the standard Casita battery cable. It is heavy gauge wire that requires weight-lifter muscles to maneuver within a very confined space. What makes it even more difficult is its length. There is close to five feet of it stuffed in a small space barely large enough for the battery.

Heavy gauge wire doesn’t bend easily. It doesn’t take many twists and bends to cause individual wires within the cable to break. The cable isn’t meant to be constantly twisted and bent.

Unfortunately, a battery has to be frequently checked to ensure a correct distilled water level. There is only one way to check the water level… pull the battery completely out of its cave.

Each time the battery is pulled out, there is a battle with the heavy gauge wire. To eliminate future potential problems, Konrad will replace the offending heavy cables with flexible battery cables.

One more battery safety precaution… A battery cut off switch that totally cuts off all battery power. bat cutof200  A simple mechanical lever operates it.

That’s the update for Saturday, August 5, 2017.

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