Walking in the moment

Walking in the moment

When walking for exercise, I’m plugged into 102.1 FM. My over-the-ear headset captures beautiful music from its Prescot, AZ station.

The cane in my right hand, the radio and in my left. I enjoy the early sunrise. Here in the southwest desert, it can be a dramatic event.

The Valley of the Sun is surrounded by mountains. Not the majestic peaks photographers love to capture. In comparison, these mounds barely count as mountains. Some would label them as huge piles of rock formations void of vegetation. To be fair, further north, toward Flagstaff there are pine forests.

However, viewed from afar… They present their own form of primitive beauty.

This August 2, 2017, I was a witness to these mountains backlit by a 360-degree panoramic skyscape of forbidding dark clouds in the south and west that transform into hues of red and orange and yellow… Glowing from the sun’s rise in the east.

I wasn’t aware of my footsteps slowing. I was wrapped up in the warmth of the sensory melting of the melody from the radio and my visual experience of the moving changes of color as the sun rose.

Of course, such a moment couldn’t last. But what a wonderful short moment it was…

Snap! Just like that, my mind shifted to a totally different thought.

From Quills to Video

How to make such a leap?

I guess it is because I was watching several videos last evening. The topic was various ways folks were using videos to share information about their RV experiences.

Being alone, I am in the habit of talking to myself. My first question was … Why am I writing a blog when others are using video?

The short answer is that I have trouble using a simple flip-phone, let alone video equipment.

In other words, I am again stuck in yesteryear technology while others march to the digital world.

I’m hopelessly out of step with society. The problem is… With the way things are happening, I prefer it.

I’m of the generation when writing was a skill to be mastered. I am not talking about being a writer. I’m talking about learning how to form letters in the second grade.

Palmer script-325

 This is Parmer script. Every school kid saw it somewhere near the blackboard when I went to school.

In my day, there were inkwells. The ultimate goal was to be able to write legibly enough to qualify to write with an ink pen. It was one giant step up from writing with a quill.

Do people today know many important documents were written and signed with quills like Magna Carta and American Declaration of Independence?

The strongest quills were those taken from living birds in the springtime from the five outer left wing feathers.

Thomas Jefferson even bred special geese to make sure he always had a large stock of quills. A quill might only last a week. In fact, when the feather pen was at its height of popularity, Britain was importing twenty-seven million quills a year from Russia alone.

I’m left-handed. I found it extremely difficult to write without smearing the ink as I formed letters from left to the right on the paper.

Here’s the proper position for writing. The line of sight is centered on the center of the paper, and you adjust the angle of your paper, so you always compose your letters in a straight line.

proper paper position-350

Did you know handwriting trains the brain? Forming letters is key to learning, memory, and ideas. I have no idea why cursive is no longer being taught in schools.

Many people feel their cursive handwriting is atrocious, to the point that it’s illegible. Have you ever received letters in the mail that begin with, “Sorry for my bad handwriting. This is the first time I’ve written in cursive since second grade.” I admit I used to write that. Now I use a computer with error correction. <grin>

Back to Blogging and Video.

Making a video is very popular these days. Most people prefer visual to reading cues. It is a lot easier to talk than to write. Just like it is easier to point rather than try to explain by writing when describing something.

It might have been much more enjoyable for you… If I had shared a video of my morning sunrise walking experience.

Of course, you would have lost the rest of the blog… the personal memories of your early school year’s writing experiences.

2 thoughts on “Walking in the moment

  1. josephlacey12

    Hi Marilyn.. Thanks for your support.

    Bernie has a wound on his right paw… had it for a week. Vet said not to cover it. I have medicine and Bernie will see vet tomorrow. He contnues to lick it. it is right by his head when he lays down. If he wore a watch on his paw it would be on his wrist. Chris is fine… Otherwise both boys are great.

    Enjoy your vacation… My eye is getting better. I see the eye doc tomorrow as well.


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