More surprises… what’s next?

More surprises… what’s next?

July 23, 2017, turned out to be more Casita surprises. John came over about 11 and just left at 3:30 this afternoon. Unlike last week when the triple digits drove Katie and I inside the house, John and I sweated through analyzing the Casita from top to bottom and inside. It was 106 degrees and 45 percent humidity.

John did the diagnostics. I learned a lot more about my Casita. One thing I learned is John is a terrific friend to have. He shared his knowledge and used his tools to tweak a few things.

One of the tweaks was to turn off the converter and hot water. The fridge was already off. Turning off those power drains allowed enough power to run the a/c.

I doubt anything I might share is new to anyone who owns an RV, but it might be interesting to read what I discovered.

Katie told me she stored the Casita in a barn or some structure. I think it was for at least a couple of years.

Therefore, we weren’t surprised to find a bird’s nest in the spokes<?> of the spare tire.

The bug screen kept critters out of the hot air exhaust… but it didn’t keep several wasp nests out of the fridge compartment and the water heater compartment.

Tiny ants are also unwelcome guests inside. I’ve got a good treatment for them. I’ll feed them later today.

Mud Dabbers were also found in the fridge compartment.

Katie wasn’t aware she had rear stabilizers. Thus, they had never been used. John cleared debris from them, and now they function.

Here’s something of interest… the water flow tube from the fridge might be why some folks can’t find how their floor rotted. My floor is fine.

My water tube is flexible plastic. It is in pieces. I will go to Home Depot for a replacement. It won’t be like the original, but as long as it fits, it should be fine.

About half of the right LED taillight elements don’t work. The brake lights emit a brilliant glow. For safety reasons, it is high on the fix list.

The major problem will be the fiberglass repair. That’s where the doe slammed into the left front of the Casita. I have to find how much it will cost to repair. Structurally, the Casita is watertight, but it’s something I need to repair.

I plan to have Bernie and Chris share some sleep time in the Casita tonight. The a/c will be on.


2 thoughts on “More surprises… what’s next?

  1. josephlacey12

    Chris enters the Casita on his own. Ants should be gone tomorrow… I laced all surfaces with commerical ant stuff (contains borax). Took cushion out to ensure ants enjoy full meal. Steep in house tonight.


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