Just wondering…

Just wondering…

My last RV we named Tumbleweed. Other than that, we never named other RVs we owned.

July 25 will be the fifth year since Cricket died. That began my new life when I trained Bernie and Chris as Therapy Dogs. They have been my therapy as well.

I am tempted to name this Casita. Two names seem to be fighting for the title. One choice is My Therapy. I love Bernie and Chris. They comfort me.

The other entry is The Last Dance… it has a whimsical nature to it.

I’ve been a nomad for more than 60 years. I’m 78. I left home and joined the Navy when I was twenty.

My 20 years in the Navy resulted in 16 years’ service overseas in Morocco, Germany, Spain, and Japan. I’ve served aboard a submarine and a surface ship. I’ve been in Vietnam, Korea, Iceland, England, Puerto Rico and at least a dozen other spots.

Upon retirement, I worked on the road and owned Class A, B, C, fifth-wheel and travel trailers. I never named any of them.

It’s been awhile since I’ve owned an RV. I find I can’t depend on my previous RV experience. Technology zipped past me when it comes to RVing. There are a lot of RV basics I need to re-learn. Backing up the Casita is bound to be an embarrassing task.

But one thing remains the same. My intense passion for experiencing the wonderful fun of those RVing years.

I want my time in this Casita to be well worth it. Like I said… I’m 78. I don’t know how many trips and years I will have. I’m looking for at least ten years.

That’s why I’m considering naming it… The Last Dance.

2 thoughts on “Just wondering…

  1. josephlacey12

    Yes, I think it is…

    The Casita has a blemish… a doe slammed into the left front. I am going to have a fiberglass guy look at it. The Casita is watertight, but it does need something done about it.

    It is the perfect spot to place the name… (maybe)


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