Casita title minor bump

Casita title minor bump

Life is filled with character building opportunities. I am definitely a work in progress.

Katie managed to register the Casita in Texas as a Freedom Deluxe model. She delivered me a Liberty Deluxe model. The VIN number states it is a Liberty.

My original trip to Arizona Vehicle Registration, I took the Texas title. At the time Katie had not delivered the Casita. She had just sent me the title. Thus, I registered the Casita exactly what the title said… M17FD TV.

When Katie arrived with the Casita, I found out it was a Liberty Deluxe, not the Freedom Deluxe. At some point, I needed to correct my Arizona title.

Today was my first attempt to obtain an Arizona title for my casita. I had already contacted Radleih at Casita in Irving Texas. She verified the VIN as a Liberty Deluxe.

With high hopes, I made my second trip to register the Casita. After a thorough explanation by the staff, I now know a lot more than I ever wanted to know how Arizona has different regulations from Texas vehicle registration.

The bottom line is I have to bring the Casita to their office for an A1 vehicle inspection to verify the VIN number and whatever other hoops Arizona has before I can receive an Arizona title. And, yes… it will cost me $15.

Wait… it gets better. I do have the option to receive this inspection free. The place is less than a mile away from the Vehicle License department. I just have to bring the Casita there.

I prefer to pay $15.00. The Arizona Vehicle Registration is a small office in a strip mall with a large parking lot.

The Vehicle License department is located on their own commercial lot. The parking space is for cars and is always full. It is the place where the folks take a number. Almost 200 chairs are available to wait to be called to the counter. With that picture in my mind, I would never want to go there with my Casita.

First, I have to fix the Casita’s tail light. I think it will be a couple of weeks before I have the time for the inspection.

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