The Haboob

(Note: I wrote this short article today. Tomorrow I’ll post a more detailed story)

It’s about six-fifteen on Thursday, August 2. I’m comfortably sitting and only semi-hear some writer folks chat. My limited hearing-ability muffles their words, but that’s okay.

I’m more interested in watching the massive storm winds battle nearby trees outside the windows. The large glass sheets ripple when excessive haboob winds blast dirt on them.

This is the third major dust event of the monsoon season in the Phoenix region. My writer friends acknowledge the storm, but it doesn’t interfere with their conversations.

As adults, each probably experiences many scary weather incidents. Not to worry─this too will pass.

This haboob develops about four hours previously somewhere between Interstates 8 and 10 around the cities of Tucson and Casa Grande. With seventy-mile per hour winds, it roars into Phoenix. Along with being miles in length, it is easily more than two thousand feet high.


#haboob #duststorm #azwx Photos: @geraldferguson

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