Just sharing…

I’ve got plans for Saturday that begin in about five hours. We are going to do some exploring up Interstate 17. Two small towns within an hour or two could be interesting. At least I hope so.

I’ve found my original plan just to pick a place and go… doesn’t work for me.

Folks tell me it isn’t the destination; it’s the journey that’s important.

I do not argue with that unless you are the driver and that’s all you do. I’ve driven for hours to get there… and there is all there was.

It wasn’t worth the trip and today’s driving doesn’t allow for sight-seeing.

Not if you want to arrive safe and sound.

The cell phone is turned off, my eyes focused on the road. Bernie and Chris do the drive-by sightseeing.

Once the car maintains a highway rhythm, they get bored gazing out the side windows. They curl up on the back seat until the car’s motion alerts them we deviated from the highway pace.

Have you heard this? “Make your plans in the sand and set your goals in concrete.”

I’ve conquered the negative driving attitude when plans don’t work out. However, I haven’t quite figured out how to sightsee while driving.

One way to sightsee is to walk. That’s what I enjoyed doing in the 88-degree weather Friday afternoon around five o’clock.

It’s March 23rd and today was the first day I shifted from jeans into shorts. The desert is blooming, and that includes deserted sidewalks.

Our favorite exercise area is a still-to-be housing development about thirteen miles from our home. Before the housing boom went bust, this huge area was slated for probably five hundred homes. It could be more, but construction halted in 2007.  

2007sidewalk.400  Here’s proof of the date. This area is perfect for the dogs and me. They have acres to roam and investigate. I have the same acres of level sidewalks and asphalt streets to walk.

The desert is blooming, and that includes the sidewalks.   blooming desert403 sidewalk weeds403

I weave my way between weeds. Notice the decorative walls in the background. Wide deserted streets flow into the distance.

I’ve been coming here so much; it’s almost like coming home. Here’s a hint of the location.  location400

After about thirty minutes, Bernie and Chris are ready for water. Here’s Chris saying, “I’m done… it’s your turn.”  YourTurn403

I’ve had people say they see all kinds of photos of the dogs, but none of me. I’m not camera shy… here’s one of me. sidewalk selfie400

Exercise is over, time to top off the fuel for our Saturday trip up I-17 tomorrow.

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