It’s the second day of Spring. March 21, 2018, greets me at four in the morning with 59 degrees. “As the world turns” faintly echoes as I wake.

Sometimes that’s how my mind works. I’ll have several disjointed thoughts rattling around, and suddenly they assemble to a single statement.

ATWT is short for As The World Turns.

It is more than an expression. As the World Turns is an American television soap opera that aired on CBS for 54 years from April 2, 1956, to September 17, 2010. According to Wikipedia, ‘As the World Turns’ has the third-highest episode count (13,858) among all television programs in the world.

Although not a fan, I was both introduced and captured to watching episode after episode when I was hospitalized a few weeks several years ago.

Back to the present.

I’ve got two important events happening today. Bernie and Chris have their weekly therapy pet visit at ten o’clock, and I have a doctor appointment at eleven-thirty.

There is nothing special about the doctor appointment. I’ve graduated from a weekly visit to only having a checkup every three weeks. It’s from last year’s leg wound. I’m told diabetic wounds take longer to heal.

Regarding the therapy dog visit, I’m eager to see whether or not Chris will give me a problem. He’s been extremely reluctant to get out of the car when we visit this facility. He doesn’t have any problem with the other facilities we visit.

ATWT is another issue. I think there is a connection between what is happening in the world and the book I am reading.

The world is easy to describe. It’s a mess. It’s the opposite of tranquil. You can’t escape ‘the news.’ I’ll leave it at that.

The book I am reading, “Beyond Mars and Venus,” relationship skills for today’s complex world by John Gray.

The reason As the world turns popped into my mind, I made the connection from all the chaos in the world to what I could be experiencing with relationships.

I’m like that college freshman who comes home from his first college semester… with all that brand-new psychology stuff he learned… and announces how much smarter he is than his parents.

Only kidding, only kidding. I’m not that naïve anymore. However, although I have read less than fifty of the three hundred and fifty-four pages, I accept a lot has changed with relationship roles of men and women in the last twenty-five years.

Does this mean I am going to upgrade myself? I doubt it. I do want to be more understanding (perhaps) why some people behave why they do.

What’s with all this transgender stuff? What’s with this Tofu Men category?

My Jury is still out when I read “A more masculine woman could decrease her inner stress by defying cultural norms.”

Reading this stuff is like going to the mall and analyzing people who walk by.

I need to do more research.




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