Completely Unorganized

That’s me.

It’s three-thirty with 56 degrees on Monday, March 19, 2018, and I am completely unorganized.

Oh, I’ve been that way for about a week. I’m just finally recognizing it.

Have you ever been in that situation? Sure, you have.

I believe I backed into it.

I was humming along with my routine life. The sun was shining, winter was ending, and I had visions of this summer’s life… my life in any event.

My routine was so routine that I decided to include just one more thing to do that day.

I don’t remember what day it was I made that decision, and I don’t remember what that activity was.

It must have been something small because I probably accomplished it and felt so good that I probably (no, I’m sure of it) … I decided to do something else.

(this is where that illogical rational kicks in) If one is good, two must be better… like if one cookie tastes so good, have one more.

Looking back, I probably started but didn’t finish that second task that day… so I would complete it tomorrow.

And I did. And now I had two new things in my daily routine… though one did take two days instead of one to complete.

I think I might have even started the third routine. For sure I was getting a bit busy with at least three new routine activities… but I easily handled them.

That level of activity probably lasted a week before the wheels came off my life.

Isn’t that what always happens? You’re humming along, and then someone or something interrupts your nicely settled routine, and your routine is disrupted.

Parents know this. They never even get to have a routine. It’s one crisis after another.

I’m a parent to two dogs. Bernie and Chris. However, they are not the cause of my being completely disorganized.

My writing is.

I’m editing my second dog book. I’m about two weeks before I could be finished. I don’t even have a title for it. (that’s a little nagging disrupting nudge).

I just received the Scrivener training manual I utterly need to learn. Why? Because I use Scrivener to write. It’s a terrific software program that compiles all the content and integrates all the photos and produces a finished manuscript to send to my publisher.

Except… it won’t compile. My carefully scripted routine life now has a major setback. Who do I call to fix my problem?

Meanwhile, I still have those other routine activities that continue needing daily maintenance if my life is going to hum along… even with the spastic burp instead of a soothing hum tone.

Now you know why I haven’t been writing a daily blog.

My life is completely unorganized. But I’m working on it…

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