Surprise Sunset


My view… just a hint of the total western sky ablaze with brilliant hues from hot yellow to more cooling colors as my eyes sought the quarter moon. 

It was a great way for me to start trying out my ‘new’ right eye after cataract surgery the day before.

I’ve found a new meaning for the word pressure. Health professionals avoid using the word pain but prefer to use pressure instead.

Instead, I am going to focus on the word pleasure.

Pressure is in my past. My future is the pleasure having the opportunity to appreciate a fuller range of sight.

I anticipate it will be either February or March before I have my left eye corrected. Until then, the major difference in my glasses will be taking the lens from my right frame and just have it remain empty, while my left eyeglass continues assisting my left eye. I hope the lack of weight won’t tilt my glasses.

My webpage is working. It’s a blatant advertisement to read Challenges & Rewards. However, it also contains a short bio and photos of Bernie, Chris and me.

And, more important, it invites folks to read the continuing stories and adventures I publish on my blog.

Finally, I appreciate your support and comments.

Bernie and Chris will be bloated with Thanksgiving food. I will try and contain myself… though I’m a sucker for dressing.

We hope you are with friends and family during this festive occasion.

2 thoughts on “Surprise Sunset

  1. Julia Haggerty

    Happy Thanksgiving two all three of you! I hope you are going to a great banquet tomorrow. Do not forget to record and/or watch NBCs Dog Show!




  2. josephlacey12

    Hi Julie…

    What a wonderful reminder. Thank you. For many years, since we always had poodles… we were so biased that if the POODLE wasn’t in the final event, we considered it a disappointing show.
    (Can’t get more snobby than that!)

    Of course, since those days… I’ve learned more about dog behavior and positive traits. Each dog is special and can break your heart with the total love they provide.


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