From the Known to the Unknown

Here’s the thing. The fastest way for me to go crazy is to be bored. I must have a project to keep from being bored.

So today I am shifting from sharing about Bernie and Chris to a more general population.

Humans. More specifically… YOU (and me)

I started my research by taking two known factors: The RFID or PIT chip and the E-collar. I have both devices for Bernie and Chris.

An RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification) or PIT tag (Passive Integrated Transponder) is implanted under the skin of the animal. The primary benefit returns lost pets quickly to their owner.

Many animal species have been microchipped, including birds, and wild animals. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services uses microchipping in its research.

E-collars for dogs and cats prevent destructive behaviors and biting. They are highly effective training aids, including preventing your pets from licking or biting their owners.

An e-collar is a remote dog training system that usually consists of a wireless remote and a wireless receiver.

That concludes the KNOWN portion of this article.

The real interesting part is the UNKNOWN. That’s YOU (the human)

Of course, it includes me too. My research is a YouTube video. Watch and listen to the video. Just how much of the video is Your Known?

And how much is Your Unknown?

Can you do anything to prevent your future?

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