Even GPS can’t help me


Today is the Day! I mumbled to myself early this morning. I have been somewhat frustrated for a couple of weeks. I’ve been writing on my blog almost every day. In all that time, I was waiting for my publisher to release the website they created for me.

It’s been almost two months since the first day they told me it was up and running. They were still tweaking it and would let me know when it was done.

So, I continued writing on my blog. I intended transferring all my blog writing to my website.

Today, I found out that’s not going to happen.

I misunderstood.

Yes, they created a website. More specifically, they created a website sales page.


I like it. It is a great sales page.

It has a sliding banner with changing graphics. There is a short write-up on Bernie, Chris and me.

I hope you read it at http://www.bernieandchris.com/. Please leave comments. (I’m looking for information you want to read.)

All my stories and content are found here: https://my-therapy.blog/


Having a single sales page, instead of having a complete website, I won’t have to worry about maintaining a fancy website. If you have ever monkeyed with a website, you know what headaches it can create.

The GPS thing… and the super straight road? Well, that’s me.

Just like the scenic side trips of life, I missed listening to what the publisher promised… compared to what I fantasied would be provided.

They did me a huge favor. They’ve done all the heavy market lifting. My responsibility is providing information for you to enjoy.

Of course, I need your assistance.

What would you enjoy reading?

Bernie and Chris have been running laps for over three years. They continue to go on therapy visits and enjoy their playful times in vacant fields.

Thankfully, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had to deal with negative behavior like counter surfing and torn sleeping bags. I still must keep an eye on Bernie because he loves to search wastebaskets for paper to carry around.

But, by and large, I absolutely enjoy knowing they are loyal and loving. I delight knowing I can depend on Bernie and Chris when I do give some command. Chris literally stops in his tracks. (He has an urge to chase golf carts… especially when dogs are passengers.)

We go to the desert twice a day. My best day is Tuesday morning because I immediately transfer them from the desert to Jackie at the pet groomer. She washes and grooms them.

Now, it’s time to find something interesting to share with you.

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