Canned Dog Food

odg food450

“What kind of dog food is the best?”

Nancy Kerns, Editor-In-Chief of Whole Dog Journal provides her thoughts in the November 2017 issue.

“There is no single ‘best’ dog food! You should find out which foods suit the dogs you are feeding; they all have different needs, just as we do.”

She continues with an interesting way dog companies originally promoted brand loyalty. It sounds logical to me. We do it all the time. We find something that works, and we continue to select that way to do things.

I’m reminded of a famous golfer; I think it was Greg Norman. Greg won a golf tournament when wearing a specific pair of pants. Smart fellow, he determined those were his lucky pants. He wore the same pants several times and continued to win tournaments. (the way he told it, he didn’t want to change his luck, so he didn’t wash the pants. Obviously, at some point he was persuaded to change his pants.)

If you know anything about golf, Greg continued to win tournaments and became one of the great golfers of this century.

What about canned dog food… or dry dog food? Is variety important?

If you switch dog food brands, won’t your dog have digestion problems? Nancy says “dogs and humans – eat a varied diet all the time, very few have a problem switching.”

The article ‘Canned Answers’ provides an excellent resource on how to choose good foods on the market. A sidebar details a Canned Dog Food Selection Criteria.

Two entire pages breakdown specific companies by Product Name, Number of Varieties, Range of Protein and Fat Content.

Finally, she confesses<?> Dog Food Companies We Love.

(The Whole Dog Journal is an excellent magazine I’ve subscribed to for many years)


Sunday morning, on the way to the desert. It’s only 59 degrees, and I pull off to the side of the road to capture this:

59sunrise11-12-17 I am facing direct north. I knew if I waited another five minutes the colors would fade. The delicate pink sky was already turning pale yellow as the fast-rising eastern sun almost touched the landscape.

chris450 Moments later, I let Bernie and Chris out. Chris is looking for Bernie. That lone tall ‘palm tree’ in the background is fake. It’s a disguised microwave communication tower. There are many of them in Phoenix. People don’t want unsightly fixtures defacing their expensive landscaped beauty.

sunrise play450 Sunrise with Bernie and Chris play fight in the desert. Yes, they do get dirty. <sigh> This activity is their twice-daily fun time.

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