“I’ve got good news and bad news.”

With that statement, Kelly summarized my personal issue and my car issue.

It happened yesterday, November 7, 2017, at eight in the morning. I had just finished exercising Bernie and Chris in the desert.

They were covered with dirt. I was taking them to Jackie at The Loving Touch Pet Groomers for their weekly bath and light grooming.

With less than a half-mile to go, I turned the corner and heard a ‘pop.’ I lost power steering and muscled the Toyota the remaining way to the Loving Touch parking lot.

What followed is best described as bad luck resulting in a financial cloud with a silver lining.

Because I lost my wallet, (which Kelly found stuffed between the driver and passenger seat), I now have made photocopies of my very important documents: driver license, military ID card, Medicare and Tricare cards, VA ID cards and a few other necessary documents that can be a hassle to replace.

So, losing my wallet (my personal issue) is considered a silver lining in case of a potential future wallet loss. I hope it never happens, but if it does… perhaps the hassle will be less than if I didn’t have visual proof.

Because I lost power steering, I probably saved myself a lot of potential trouble had I gone camping at Quartzsite this weekend.

Here are all the details.

It started out to be just the loss of power steering. The problem was the water pump bearing failed. It locked up and flipped the belt off. That was the ‘pop’ I’d heard.

The loss of the belt increased the water temperature that caused the radiator to fail.

At some time in the past, the radiator neck had twisted and jammed. It was disconnected from the radiator hose. The radiator had to be replaced.

Bottom line…

If this had happened on Interstate 10 or while in the Arizona desert around Quartzsite, I would have a huge expense. I’d probably be stranded for a few days. With Bernie and Chris with me, multiple issues would need to be resolved.

So, being less than three miles from home and the repair shop less than a mile from home is a blessing. The shop folks have maintained the car for at least seven years. They know the Toyota.

But… there is more.

A nail was discovered in my tire. I went to S&S tire shop to have it repaired. I had purchased four tires from them. Thus any repair is free.

The S&S tire shop showed me my front tire. It showed extensive wear. My wheels needed an alignment. Also, I’d never rotated my tires. I got the tires rotated, an alignment and the tire repaired.

These items needed to be done. Had I not been notified of the nail in the tire, I may have suffered a flat very soon.

Regarding the tire rotation and alignment, those are maintenance items. I am glad I had them done.

Financially, it wiped out any chance going to Quartzsite this weekend. It cost me slightly more than $1,300 today.

It busted my monthly budget big time. (And it’s only November 8, 2017.)

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