Trailer Light Check

On this blog, I concentrate on Dogs, Casita travel trailers and Travel in general.

I’ve already published my first Dog book and have 40 chapters written on my second dog book.

The Casita is an interesting journey. I already have 38 chapters (some of them frustrating) in my attempt to convert a hybrid Casita into a unit I can use for camping. This short tip has to do with how a single person can effectively ensure that all trailer lights are working before he or she hits the road.

I copied the information from the Casita forum… but it applies to any trailer being towed.

Trailer Light Check

Here’s a quick tip for anyone pulling a trailer.


  mark E created a topic in General Chat

One person light check

Being relatively new to travel trailers, I was having my wife stand in back of our Casita to check the lights before each trip. Larry at LHC gave me a GREAT tip. To check all the lights on the Casita with one person, ” turn on the TV lights and the emergency flashers at the same time”. Go to the back of the Casita and all the bulbs will be working, unless you have a problem. Turn signals and brake lights use the same bulb, running lights , side markers and back up lights will also be active. Easy-peasy. Thanks, Larry for the tip.

Of course, most of you already knew this.

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