Marcia and Sal

I gave Sal a copy of my book Challenges and Rewards last week. Sal is the subject of Chapter 34 “Sal’s Breakfast Restaurant.

His wife, Marcia, read it and said she wanted to meet me. The bottom line was an invitation to dinner at the Sunflower Resort Tiki Hut las evening.

It happened on October 27th, with the entire outdoor place decorated with Halloween items. That included more than 250 people who dressed up in every type of fantasy costume available.

Here’s one of the decorations: skelton pups350

You don’t really know much about Sal. I would be honored to ghost-write a book about his life. He’s Italian… now an American Citizen… but journeyed here was he was a lad. He’s had a few restaurants, loves gardening and is heavily involved in the Catholic church.

Marcia is a very recent addition to Sal’s life. She is quite accomplished in her creative way. She’s one of those crafty folks who can turn just about anything into a workable piece of art. Like taking a tall ladies boot and making a purse out of it. Weaving is another skill she enjoys.

They recently married, and romantic Sal brings her flowers. (Those thoughtful gestures are still enjoyed by both the giver and the person who receives them).

Dania400 Sal-Diana400

I enjoyed spending the evening with them. It’s been awhile since Sal, and I had some alone time together. When he lived here, he adopted Bernie (it was a bond for both of them), and Sal would cook Bernie’s breakfast. We would chat while Bernie wolfed down the food.

I miss those times.

Marcia raised a herd of kids (I forgot the number), so she knows how to cook. She says that Sal does all the cooking (he’s a great chef), but she manages to squeeze into ‘his’ kitchen and fix something every once in a while.

She gave me ten delicious homemade muffins… filled with walnuts.

What a nice way to end the Friday week… with friends.

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