Double portions?

After more than five years observing Bernie and Chris, I still get surprised. Surprises come in spurts these days.

On the one hand, I enjoy them because it gives me something to share. On the other hand, surprises don’t come often enough.

I know, that doesn’t make sense.

I suppose, if I had a “cliff-hanger life” I’d be happy. I was reading a novel that used that writing technique to keep me reading. You often hear people describe an exciting novel as a “page-turner.”

Something that happens on every page demands you must keep reading.

Something is changing Bernie and Chris’s eating habits.

I’ve shared that Bernie wolfs his food and Chris picks at his food. That hasn’t changed. However, I recently altered the food portions, and I’m wondering if it resulted in modifying their behavior.

Observing that Bernie is slowly gaining weight, I more than doubled his veggies while giving him less than half the amount of kibble.

At the same time, I put only half portions in Chris’s bowl. Even with that skimpy portion, Chris still left food in the bowl.

In the past, Bernie would finish his bowl and then polish off any food left in Chris’s bowl. That’s how he was slowly gaining weight.

For the past two days, Chris has visited Bernie’s bowl and searched for something to nibble. The first time this happened, I went to Chris’s bowl to see if he had finished his food.

He hadn’t. Although he ate most of it, he left a few morsels. However, he must have found something in Bernie’s bowl because he dipped his head and seemed to be eating.

This morning the same thing happened. Once Bernie leaves, Chris wanders in and goes to Bernie’s bowl.

I’ve piled on the veggies, and again some veggies remained in the bowl. BernieB220 Usually, Bernie cleans his bowl. However, I can understand if he says, “Enough is enough with the veggies.” My memory tapes echo “Eat your vegetables.”

Today, Chris looks at the veggies left in the bowl and leaves without eating them.

A quick peek at Chris’s bowl reveals he has also left some veggies. Chrisb220

I know dogs eat veggies. Maybe I am giving them too much?

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