Sometimes I surprise myself

Maybe it’s because it’s Spring? Maybe I just had more energy than usual?

I’m not sure, but this morning at ten-fifteen on March 26 I have accomplished more in the last twenty-four hours than I’ve sometimes accomplished in a week… or even two weeks.

It started about two Sunday afternoon. As I watered the two potted trees, one lemon that isn’t doing well and the other an apple that’s full of tiny snow-white flowers, I spotted a crack in the clay pot.

Last year a crack appeared in the sister pot, and within a week it broke, and I had to transplant an ugly tree. The only reason I transplanted it was because it was a gift.

It bloomed like crazy with many long leaves. About two weeks ago a violent wind storm blew through and away went all the leaves. I think it’s going to die.

Meanwhile, I knew my flowering apple tree would have to be transplanted. I’m not good with things that are supposed to grow in soil. It there was any time to procrastinate, this was it.

That’s what surprised me. Without conscious thought, I dug a huge hole in the miniature garden I’d constructed a few years ago. I did it about six o’clock in the evening. Any physical effort tires me out. I quit for the day.

My normal sleep routine is about three hours. I’m sure the physical activity is why I slept almost seven hours. Or, maybe I knew a huge physical task awaited me.

I awoke before six and took the dogs for their exercise. As soon as I returned home, I got the hammer and smashed the pot.

I used a shovel to tear away more tree roots than I wanted. The pot was too small for the tree, and I hoped I left enough root growth.

Using my handcart, I muscled the tree to the garden spot. While I still had enthusiasm, I struggled to lift and place the tree in the hole.

I shoveled dirt and watered the tree. I had made a big mess with dirt everywhere.

broken pot400

The tree was transplanted. Will it live? All I can do it water it frequently and hope. 


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