My Bathroom Obstacle

Bernie, my eighty-five-pound Goldendoodle, enjoys being comfortable. I mean he truly enjoys being comfortable, as if cast in stone.

bathfloor326  When he positions himself directly in the bathroom doorway, it causes a problem for me. I live in a Park Model, a less than four hundred square foot home. Every room is small, so miniature that standard household furniture doesn’t fit.

Bernie has a complete run of the home. He can, and does sprawl everywhere. Most of his favorite places are not on my travel path. Under the computer desk, behind the living room chair, and half-way under the bed are his favorite lounge spots.

However, in hot weather, Bernie camps directly in front of the powerful cool air vent─in the tiny bathroom.

BCbath346  Bernie collapses directly in front of the vent, extending his body the full length of the bathroom. Chris nestles next to him in the hall. When I approach, Chris quickly moves out of my way.

For me to enter the bathroom, Bernie reluctantly struggles, shifting from his comfortable, relaxed position. He leisurely fully stretches all four legs and slowly eases out through the narrow doorway.

His maneuver takes several seconds. My urgent bathroom need requires more patience than I have.

Bernie, like all dogs, is a survivor. Yesterday, because of a one-time medication, I made frequent bathroom trips within a few hours. Bernie was on sprawl duty during every visit.

However, on my last hasty trip, I found an open doorway.

bbath249  Because he takes his time moving, Bernie was probably in this position for at least an hour.  Although I appreciate his thoughtfulness, the cool air vent wasn’t reaching Bernie. I fully expect he will revert to his desired sprawl bathroom spot tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “My Bathroom Obstacle

  1. Marilyn Granger

    Funny how they (our animals) have their favorite places. Freckles….she has to be in the room you are in. Go to the bathroom; she is by the door. Go to the bedroom; she follows you in and goes to the rug. But if you are getting ready for bed….she wants on the bed. She does not like sleeping there at all. She wants in her crate. Just on the bed while you get ready for bed. In the kitchen….she is on the rug in front of the refrigerator….air movement there. In the living room…next to you on the couch and later moves to the floor. Unless there is a fire in the fireplace…she is out of the room. Outside…she is your shadow.

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  2. josephlacey12

    Regarding Freckles…. I’d consider renaming her… Shadow It’s nice she follows you around. It makes it easy to keep track of her.



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