The Therapy Visit 

 It’s one o’clock Thursday, July 19, and time for our weekly appointment at a nursing facility. Because patients look forward to our visit, we won’t allow the hot weather to keep us away.

117clock350  With the temperature at 117 degrees, Bernie and Chris leap from the car and quickly scramble across the hot asphalt to avoid burning their paws. Less than twenty feet away the nursing facility entrance welcomes them. Once there, they sit and wait for me.

Ordinarily, I leash both dogs as soon as they exit the car. However, when it’s this hot, securing them takes too much time. Confident of their trained behavior, I watch them stop and sit. I love having trained dogs.

Now, I restrain them for the short walk to the Arizona Room. Once there, I free them to great the folks in wheelchairs.

bcwoman326  2woman332

We begin the visit in the large community Arizona Room. Patients in this facility are either in a wheelchair or confined to a bed. At some point during the hour, Bernie and Chris visit a few people in their rooms. Patient room walk around space is tight, especially for large dogs.

Because Bernie and Chris are large, it is easy for people to reach out and pet them.

Today is another calm, enjoyable visit. Patients display discrete excitement when fussing over the dogs.

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