Stormy Saturday Morning

I know when I water the garden at five this Saturday morning; it will be an interesting day. It is a bit before dawn, the wind from the south is very strong… enough to rip the palm front ends from trees and scatter them all over the street. I decide to take the dogs to the nearest of our exercise areas… not knowing if and when rain will come.

Arriving at 5:20, this is what greets me:  

 stormdawnBeautiful pink hues mask the sun. It becomes a shortened exercise period of about 20 minutes. As the dogs dive back into the car… a few sprinkles make themselves known…



Just before leaving at about 5:50 I snap this shot:  

dawnstorm397  The total overcast sky lets me know I have only a few minutes before the real rain falls.

We make it home. I’m now drinking my 2nd cup of coffee… and very glad I bought that 12-cupper a few days ago. I enjoy my coffee and don’t like having to be on a ‘coffee-diet’ <grin>

I’ll do some writing today as well as enjoyable ‘light entertainment’ reading. Bernie and Chris will cool themselves on the tile… just like they did yesterday when it hit 117 degrees.

It’s now nine in the morning. Thunder sounds coming closer encourage Chris to seek hiding under my computer desk for safety. Bernie lays by the front door. He doesn’t appear to worry about nature’s sounds. In fact, Bernie’s temperament indicates he doesn’t worry about anything… (except finding enough to eat.)

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