Dogs will be dogs

Bernie and Chris love it when I take them to the desert for their exercise. Their 5-year routine makes my task easy. Within the first 5 minutes, they both poop.

Chris always picks his spot as far from me as he can. In a vacant field, I watch for him to circle a 10-foot area, and continue to spiral around until he’s comfortable and then, from a distance, he appears statue-still until finished. If we are in a public area, where my task is to pick up his gift, I stroll to the spot and do my duty. I am done with Chris.

Now, Bernie is a different issue. Bernie rarely circles. He reminds me of the horse’s habit to merely move forward and dump wherever and whenever. He may linger, but not too long. Although a single bag is sufficient for Chris, I always need at least two bags for Bernie.

The other difference, between Bernie and Chris on their elimination habits, is the area. It’s why I never want to have them leashed. My dogs use vastly separate abolition areas. I’m like the golf-duffer, who wanders all over the course hunting his ball. When on poop duty, I cover a lot of ground.

I doubt many dog owners complain about dog-poop duty. Cleanup is an expected dog-owner duty. However, dogs have another frustrating habit. Digging.

Chris loves to dig. At one time, Bernie enjoyed digging. After covering several holes, I installed fake grass. The cost is tolerated because my 10 x 15-foot yard is small. With no exposed dirt, both Bernie and Chris’s paws remained clean.

Who knew?

My latest “Who knew?” dog issue turned out to be, as always, my fault. My dad had a wonderful expression to capsule his frustration, an exasperated─Geeze!

A few years ago, I removed a foot-square patio block at the extreme edge of the patio. The exposed ground became where the patio water drained whenever I hosed the patio. A 3×5-foot table covered the exposed earth area. Under the table, in a large plastic tub, I stored garden supplies.

Last month, to clean the patio, I removed the garden supplies. Doing so, exposed the ground. After thoroughly washing the patio, I let the wind and sun evaporate the surface patio water.

 gardenstuffGarden supplies

The garden supplies remained stored elsewhere.





hole353 The hole with offending dirt

This morning, it had been more than three weeks since I washed the patio.

As I walked outside, what I spotted evoked an immediate bellowed, “Geeze!”



Chris! It had to be Chris, who did it. I’d evidently forgotten how much Chris likes digging. In the desert, it is his favorite activity. Scrub brush covered the desert where ground critters made their home in the roots.

When hunting the critters, it’s easy to spot the rising dust cloud and the tip of Chris’s tail, the rest of his body buried as he excavates.

Poop or dirt, I’m the clean-up crew.

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