Boycotting dogs


My dogs sullenly boycotted my morning meals for the past three or perhaps four days. I prepared the meal and it just sat there. Sometime in the late morning or the mid-afternoon, both dogs ate it ─ not wolfed it down, but sort-of-nibbled at it.

food332Did the heat affect their appetite?  I found that hard to accept because they stayed indoors.

Oh well. I will continue to fix their food. Sooner or later they will eat. The food is fresh veggies and dry dog food. It remains a mystery to me. I admit the food doesn’t look very appealing. <sigh> 


6-20-18  Where’s the Beef?

beef400 Yes, the boycott mystery was solved. I don’t recall why, but recently I stopped spooning out a tablespoon of canned dog food.

On the 15th of June, it was the first day I noticed the dogs did not attack their food in the morning. Much later in the day, they nibbled at it until it was gone. Sometimes it took a few separate trips, spaced hours apart.

I didn’t make the connection until this morning. I opened a fresh can of dog food and spooned, not one but two tablespoons to each dog. Within minutes both bowls were licked clean.

I’m reminded of that wonderful Wendy’s 1980’s commercial, “Where’s the beef”?

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