Good and Bad News

One benefit of homeownership is outsourcing. About twenty years ago, I would have tackled this nasty job… and regretted it. Now, I paid a plumber, and the issue was fixed, but the problem remains… and will remain forever. (I hope). toiletbowl253

On the positive side, once I discovered the problem, a single phone call in the morning had the plumber at my home before two the same afternoon. 

The actual problem was corrected, and an additional part replaced at no charge. Caulking was applied. Originally, no caulking was applied.

However, had caulking originally been applied, I wouldn’t have noticed the leak until the floor caved in.

The good news was I didn’t do the nasty job. Physically, it was too much for me.

There were two pieces of bad news. First, it cost me almost three hundred dollars. The second piece of bad news is the floor around the toilet is in bad shape and will need replacing sometime in the future. Will it last another ten years<?> Maybe.

I’m 79 years old. Replacing the wood foundation on a tile floor would be an expense I prefer not to have unless necessary. I have visions of a port-a-potty on my small property. Will I even be living in this house in ten years?

When we bought the place, we replaced carpet with tile. A couple of guys in the RV resort did the work. They did all kinds of handyman work throughout the neighborhood. However, they weren’t professionals. Although they laid the tile, they didn’t put the correct collar on the toilet. The purpose of the collar is to direct flushed contents directly into the sewer… and nowhere else.

The toilet collar didn’t direct all the flushed contents. A very small amount of water bypassed the collar and leaked into the wood foundation. It has been leaking for more than nine years.

Did you know you are supposed to replace a collar after five years? I doubt ninety-nine percent of homeowners do it. 

Today I have a bathroom foundation that eventually, will need extensive repair. Eventually, but not today.

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