I kept my cool when this baby rattlesnake, with its wide-open mouth, caught my attention. Had anyone seen me, I may have looked calm, but my pulse jumped at the sight of the snake.

Early this morning, about six, I was doing my trek exercise. There was a ten-step cement staircase to climb and go down the opposite side. In the photo, the yellow area at the lower left identified the beginning of the ten-step staircase.  rattlesnake350 - Copy

A baby rattlesnake was coiled on the first step. As I positioned the trek poles, perhaps the vibration alerted it. The first thing I did was… look around for other rattlesnakes (especially the mother). I didn’t see any. It was sixty-nine degrees at that time of the morning. That was the air temperature.  Although the cement was much cooler, the snake was there. More snakes could be nearby. It’s the 24th of May. In Arizona, the snakes start appearing in April.

I left the snake alone and positioned the trek poles and continued to climb the stairs. 

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