3rd Book Announcement!

Book 3-450

This graphic might not cover the entire page… but it definitely blasts out my enthusiasm!

My publisher just sent me the cover of my third book: Dog Therapy & Travel Adventures.

Very shortly… June or July… it will be available on Amazon in Print and Great eBook Color.

This is my 3rd book, and I’m already working on the 4th. If you have been reading my blog… recently I shared Wickenburg, Arizona. If you enjoyed reading it… you will enjoy my 4th book … the Wickenburg adventure is one of the many stories.

How many stories? I don’t know; I’m still writing it. I chronicle our lives, Bernie, Chris, and mine. They are my freedom dogs. That’s how I think of them.

Dogs are only with us for a short while… less than twenty years. Most dogs live much less than that. I want my therapy dogs to enjoy every day. After all, they bring hope, pleasure, and enjoyment to others. Why not allow them the same emotions?


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