Good Glorious Sunday Morning!

I can imagine you are wrapped in blankets when you hear that hearty greeting.

Your mouth puckers, your left cheek muscles stretch as your right eye slams shut while simultaneously your left eye seeks what has suddenly interrupted your peaceful slumber.

Yeah, I’m going off half-cocked. It’s sixty-five degrees on a beautiful dark five o’clock April 22, 2018, morning in Surprise, Arizona.

I’m up and apparently; I’m probably the only one. Even Bernie and Chris are sleeping, though Chris did raise his head when I pointed the camera at him. sunday250

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy. The plants are being watered, the coffee is perking, and I’ve got my camera and have decided to present some great desert flower photos to you.

I’m not knowledgeable about tree and plant names or other stuff that grows in the soil. So, enjoy the photos.

This flower only blooms in the night. As it happens, this cactus is right next door. It is the reason I’ve had to grab my camera at four this morning.  night flower250

 Speaking of my four A.M. time, it is when I water my garden. The scheduled watering time is easy to calculate. I water early before the sun rises. I’ve been told that is the best time to water. How much water? Well, my method is to water until I see water starting to flow on my back-yard neighbor’s brick patio.  floodA350

A couple of years ago, I planted a single bush for the sweet light scent of the delicate small white blossoms.  white blossoms250

Also, a couple of years ago a friend gave me this extremely ugly tree. I had to transport home in the car. It lost every leaf. I stuck in the garden with little hope it would survive. Well, it has. It hasn’t lost its ugliness, but I marvel at those leaves. It’s nothing to look at. It survives.  gift tree250

Nature is responsible for the weed in my front yard. I don’t water it. It’s just a weed.  flowering weeds250  However, I’ve collected about a dozen ‘yard art’ critters to decorate my very small front yard. This weed naturally blends in.  Here’s what hiding under that weed.  rabbits350 

Across the street, the neighbor has decorated their front yard. Here are a couple of desert plants.  cactus250  prick pear250

Enjoy your April Sunday morning.  sunday morning368

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