What’s up with my dogs?


Chris bowl  For the last two days, Bernie and Chris have acted different when it comes to food. Their normal procedure is to beat the door down so I can prepare their breakfast and Bernie is right at my elbow waiting to lick the spoon and scarf his bowl. Chris isn’t that eager but will be eating within a few minutes… I’ve also noticed Chris only eats about 1/3rd of his morning meal. He eats better in the evening.

Both yesterday and today… the dogs went to the bedroom and lay down. Not even the smell of meat (well, the canned dog food) … I dump a heaping tablespoon into boiling water… before mixing with dry food… brought Bernie to the kitchen to lick the spoon.

I fixed the food and placed bowls in their rooms (Bernie eats in the office, Chris in the bedroom). Even with me entering the bedroom and placing Chris’s bowl on the raised platform… Bernie didn’t raise his head or rumble to his feet.

I left and waited about five minutes. Nothing. That is when I called Bernie. Meanwhile, at least Chris was busy eating his food… or at least picking at it.

Same food as usual. Heated as usual. What’s with these dogs<?>

Although my house isn’t haunted, sometimes there is a translucent cloud hovering near the ceiling…  Could it be that the dogs are getting spoiled? After all, some mornings they find themselves transported to new and exciting areas to investigate, explore new sounds and scents… and are treated to hot dogs as their morning meal.

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