Short update


It’s going to be a very long day. Right now, it’s only 1:49 an hour after midnight. What I’m a bit surprised at is the temperature of 60 degrees. Has our winter is easing off, and the warmth of summer has begun?

It’s Thursday, March 8, 2018. Time for an update on what’s happening with Bernie, Chris and me.

Yesterday morning, the above device caught my eye. I believe it is pointing south. Thus the entire bare vacant field will be surveyed. It means the dog’s exercise area won’t be available soon.

Across the street, construction on the hospital is rapidly taking shape. It’s supposed to be finished by December of this year. I think they will meet that deadline.

I received a few favorable comments on my Aguila trip. Now I am researching Dateland, Arizona. I might go there Friday. It’s another blip in the road. It was a watering hole for the Butterfield stage line, but that’s not the big news in its history.

I was sharing some of the research with the group yesterday. Bernie and Chris were visiting their Wednesday therapy dog visit. I mentioned Dateland and one member said he enjoyed their date shake. That will probably be my lunch when we visit.

I sold the Casita.

Yesterday the publisher wrote me and indicated it could be in print and as an eBook in a month or two. My first book, Challenges, and Rewards is about Bernie and Chris. I am glad I didn’t write it with the expectation to make money. <grin>

I don’t expect “My Last Dance” to be a best seller either. It was a wonderful adventure, though it didn’t last.

I’m looking through my notes on Bernie and Chris. I continued making observations while my first book was being published. I think I have about forty short chapters.

These days the dogs continue to provide enjoyment. However, all their playful antics and their magic of giving comfort and pleasure have been fully documented.

A glance at the clock tells me it’s 2:17. I need to shuffle back to bed.

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