Trip Research to Aguila, Arizona

It’s sixty-two degrees this twenty-sixth day of February 2018. The sun is eye-aching bright at ten-thirty in the morning.

I’ve just returned from taking a couple of photos. I’m researching my first short trip to specific places in Arizona.

A photo of a tourist cabin constructed in the early 60’s. tourist cobblestone450

 Back in July last year, I was very excited when my Casita arrived. For some time, I’d wanted to continue traveling. I made dozens of plans, and now they were going to happen.

Or so I thought.

Since July I’ve shared more than forty Casita stories only to end up selling the Casita last week.

However, my urge to travel continues. I’ve identified twenty-one Arizona locations. These are communities where people decided to homestead. I am interested in how they lived and why people continue to stay in that area today.

“There was a time when the small town of Aguila, Arizona wasn’t such a nice place to be. After a few years of being plagued by crime, community members decided to make a change.”

That statement was my introduction to Aguila, Arizona. It isn’t exactly the best Chamber of Commerce way to promote visiting your town.

Aguila is located on U.S. Route 60 approximately 25 miles west of Wickenburg. Aguila map450

Because my twenty-one selected locations cover the entire state, I want to escape the intense summer heat when visiting. That’s why I plan to visit Aguila in March. I’ve already uncovered some interesting, fun facts about the folks who lived in the area. I’m sure there is much more to discover once I visit the town.

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