An interesting day

A day where all my detailed plans get shot down by unplanned circumstances. 

A potential Casita buyer is driving from Colorado and will be here Thursday afternoon.

I have a busy Wednesday scheduled. I need to bring the Casita home from the storage lot. Bernie and Chris have a Therapy Dog visit at ten o’clock. I need to exercise them at seven o’clock and also withdraw some money from the ATM.

The Casita storage facility is about thirty minutes from the house.  It takes thirty minutes to hitch the trailer. Mentally calculating all this activity, I adjust my daily schedule.

Usually, the dogs eat breakfast after their exercise. Today they ate at six, so we could leave by seven o’clock.

Like a train on a tight schedule, the dogs got their exercise, and we made a required quick Walmart stop for ATM cash.

I hustled to the storage unit and arrived there at seven-thirty.

The entire timetable blew up in my face.

For the past few months, road construction has been slowly proceeding on El Mirage road

dirt450 noaccess250

Today I found the access to the storage unit blocked. The construction crew had already dug a huge ditch across the front of the storage facility driveway.

Although I knew the facility had an emergency gate, I didn’t know where it was. I tried to contact the storage office but only heard their voice mail.

My careful timetable was ruined. By the time I might locate the emergency gate, hitch up and brought the Casita home… I would be late for the ten o’clock Therapy visit.

I mentally mapped an alternate plan. I drove home and contacted the storage facility. Now I knew where to find the emergency gate, but I would have to wait until after the therapy visit to get the Casita.

So much for my timetable. I would not have the Casita at the house until the afternoon.

Chris stays in the car for Wednesday’s therapy visit.  Today it was 37 degrees at six in the morning, and at ten o’clock it was only 53 degrees. The sun is out so Chris will be warm in the car.

He stays in the car is because the facility has extremely high-pitched door alarms. The noise doesn’t seem to bother Bernie, and the humans are used to it.

However, Chris reacts by shaking. He slinks and seeks to escape. He’s always been incredibly alert with sudden noises. He doesn’t run away… but there is no reason punish him by requiring to stay with high-pitch alarms.

He’s fine in the car. However, this is February. When the hot Arizona summer makes its presence, and the interior car temperature is more than 100 degrees, we will stop visiting this facility until cooler weather returns in September.

A surprise awaited us today. The group had received an exciting participant bowling video game.

bowl2-450 bowling450

While Chris remained in the car, Bernie made the rounds through the room. Men left their chairs to approach the game line and enjoyed bowling.

ladybowl220  Nancy, using a walker, hobbled up. Sometimes she used her right hand and other times she used her left.

After the therapy visit, we drove to the storage facility. We entered the emergency entrance and weaved through the huge paved lot. There are hundreds of all types of recreation vehicles.

There is my Casita.  4sale450

I quickly backed up to the trailer. Where was my audience? Someone is always around when I mess up. Several times in past months I tried backing up. I never even came close.

The concrete pavement still displays numerous black tread marks as I wrestled the steering wheel back and forth…. always trying to correctly line up with the trailer hitch.

Today, my first attempt was perfect. hitched450 Now… where is my audience?

Maybe it’s a good sign. Tomorrow both people will arrive to inspect the Casita.

I never wanted to sell.

However, once I decided to sell it… I want it sold so I can find my next adventure.

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