Behind the scenes…

I’ve accepted my efforts to capture sharp photos of Bernie and Chris… especially in play… will not be possible with the iPhone 7 smart camera.

Reason? The shutter speed isn’t fast enough. Here’s proof.


 The image is sharp enough, but the ferocious blurred head movement is too fast for the camera shutter speed, even when the ‘burst option’ is used.

The camera can still capture exciting moments. Here is Bernie aggressively poised… tempting Chris to play. wanta-fight450

The smartphone does have an excellent lens. My task is learning how to share interesting adventures.

For example, look at the below photo. In a vacant lot depression, the dogs found fresh grass. 

vacant log450

Here is the close-up. eat grass450

 Bernie and Chris enjoy eating the succulent grass as much as a kid with an ice cream cone.

The exercise area is located about a mile from our home. We use this vacant lot as long as it is available. Across the street, the hospital facility construction continues. It is scheduled to be finished by December.

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