Not just a single ‘click’ but by holding my finger on the camera shutter button, my iPhone Seven initiates a rapid burst of photos of Bernie and Chris play-fighting.

I attempt capturing exciting, sharp photos of them. In the past, all attempts have resulted in blurry photos. blurred450

Their movements were too quick for my camera shutter speed.

It’s February 19, 2018, and humid sixty degrees at seven-thirty on an extreme dramatic cloudy morning.  dramaticsky450

Yesterday I tried the ‘burst mode’ with total failure.

I followed the instructions and was able to isolate several shots.


I selected several individual photos. According to the instructions, once the photos were selected the camera would delete all the remaining burst photos.

keep only

Deleting photos save storage space. It also eliminates tedious manually deleting over a dozen photos.

Or so I thought.

When I returned home, I checked the iCloud to view my automatically uploaded photos.

The only uploaded photos were scenes not taken in burst mode. None of the selected burst photos were uploaded. Also, none of the burst series photos were uploaded.

All the bust photos had been deleted.

Before yesterday, all my ‘burst photos’ were displayed stacked like playing cards; where the subsequent photos have the top edge stacked like soldiers behind the first photo. Here is an example.  stacked bc  Unfortunately, I can’t separate any photo that is behind the front photo.

I’m stuck.

I can initiate the burst mode.

I can isolate and select potential photos.

However, I am unable to upload them so I can edit and share.

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