Chris gets a reprieve

Someone decided that Arizona needs rain…. (but not on Valentine’s Day!)

It was fifty-three decrees and cloudy in the morning and rain was predicted in the afternoon. A few spits teased us between noon and four, and then it started raining (but not hard).

In fact, it has yet to rain hard at seven in the evening. However, it’s just enough to force drivers to manually keep adjusting the windshield wipers from Interval to Off, to back On and then Off again.

It can be maddening. A clear windshield doesn’t like a dry windshield wiper rubbing its dry surface. But that surface only remains dry for less than a minute. <sigh>

It’s official!

Both Bernie and Chris don’t care for water. Given the opportunity to play in a puddle… they avoid it. In fact, when forced to go out in the rain… they are remarkably quick to ‘do their business’ and scoot back inside a dry back seat.

People who have Poodles and Retrievers and Labs go on and on about how much their dogs love water. About the only thing Bernie likes about water is how much of it he laps up. Chris doesn’t attack the water bowl like Bernie, but he manages to get his share. Neither dog splashes the water out of the bowl. Water is for drinking, not playing with or in.

Speaking of Chris, today I decided to give him his desire. He can stay in the car during our weekly Wednesday Therapy Dog visit.

Again, I had to prod Chris to exit the car. Again, he stuck with me the entire time. Again, when the alarm bell rang he visually reacted.

He was miserable. Within ten minutes, I took him back to the car. Then he was very happy.

Chris isn’t a perfect dog. He is bonded to Bernie and me. Once I left him alone in the house when I took Bernie to the vet. Chris carried on so much my next-door neighbor came over and dog-sat to keep him quiet.

On the other hand, I can leave Chris in the car for an hour, and he accepts it. He knows I’m returning. He can see out the window. However, I can’t leave him in the car when the temperature is even close to eighty. In Surprise, that will happen in March. (Eighty degrees in the air quickly heats inside a vehicle to more than One Hundred degrees)

It means, at least for this facility, I will probably stop visiting as soon as it becomes too warm for the dogs to stay in the car.

I’ve gone through this ‘warm-weather-no-dogs-left-in-car’ cycle for five years. Like a lot of compromises… It is what it is.


2 thoughts on “Chris gets a reprieve

  1. Ah Chris would be no good in wet old England then where are inundated with puddles…wouldn’t mind a swap for some Arizona heat but my Labrador would object. He loves the water as I often blig about. Enjoy the heat.


  2. josephlacey12

    I have a friend, who lives in Ireland. She has a Labrador. Tila is the typical Lab with tolerance for cold weather and totally enjoys water.

    I must transport my dogs in the car to get to someplace for them to exercise. That would mean a mess… should they find water and play in it. (their ignorance is my blessing)



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