The end of My Last Dance

oil spot420

It doesn’t look like much, does it?

It’s just a few spots of oil on my carport floor.

However, it’s proof My Last Dance for Freedom will never happen.

It began on the fifteenth of July 2017 when Katie pulled the Casita to the house.

I named the Casita… My Last Dance.  casita400

At age 78, I realized this was probably my last freedom opportunity. Although I am in reasonably good health, the past five years hinted these are the beginning of my end days.

Freedom ended today, the sixteenth of January 2018. I was told my Toyota needed a twelve-hundred-dollar repair.

The 2003 Toyota has over 172,000 miles, and I can’t afford another car.

I’m also facing a two-thousand-dollar medical bill this year.

I’m financially tapped out.

I’m putting the Casita up for sale.

6 thoughts on “The end of My Last Dance

  1. Reine in Plano (when not camping)

    Joseph, I’m so sorry to hear about the challenges you’re facing. It’s never easy to let go of a dream but sometimes life bites and we have to face reality and move on. Hang in there friend.


  2. josephlacey12

    Thanks for your support. I’ve still a lot to be thankful for… as the saying goes… one door closes and another door opens. (I’m waiting)



  3. Julia Haggerty

    So sorry Joe. I know whereof you speak. I am very close to being tapped out as well. I have spent down my

    Money market fund, for the house and that is what it is for, but shocking how fast it goes down. I’ll be paying for

    Clifford’s surgery until June. I just hope nothing happens until then as I don’t want to touch my other funds and have to pay tax on the withdrawal. I just must stay home, watercolor and play with Ryan.

    Best wishes,



    1. josephlacey12

      I heard….some time ago… how it gets tough when you live too long. (meaning you outlive your retirement money) At least we have had a good life… so now we just have to ‘slow down’…. not totally stop…. just slow down. June isn’t too far away…. Just hang in there. ~joseph


  4. Marilyn

    So sad that the “door” closed on you. Yes, another will open. There is a reason for everything and that is sometimes hard to understand.



  5. josephlacey12

    I’m searching very hard for the ‘silver lining’… and have at least a dozen great, logical reasons how good this is to happen to me.

    (somehow, I sense a hollow sound despite how ‘great’ those excuses sound)



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