1st cup of coffee

1st cup400

Yesterday I shared ‘A pinch of salt.’

It’s 49 degrees this January 15, 2018, at seven on a heavy dark cloudy day. I see patches of blue in the east, but the rest of my sky is almost bursting with potential rain. Very heavy-looking clouds are just sitting there. There is no wind.

Bernie and Chris are not bugging me to take them out…yet. If I don’t make a move within thirty minutes, I think Chris will find me. He’s always the impatient one. He loves to go out and play.

I depend on Bernie to bug me when he knows it is mealtime. He nudges me with his sad eyes like he hasn’t been fed in a month.

I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee brewed from the new coffee pot. I didn’t add salt. I didn’t even know if it was going to work.

The coffeepot has a raised lip on the bottom. It prevents the bottom of the coffeepot from sitting directly on the stovetop. However, it didn’t prevent the heat from perking the coffee.

I use French Vanilla as my Coffee mate sweetener. I just guesstimate the amount of water and used a heaping tablespoon of coffee grounds. After a minute of perking, I removed the coffeepot from the heat.

This first cup tasted great. Now I will take the dogs for their exercise. It will be almost an hour before we return. I’ll have to warm up the coffee again. That’s when I will find out whether hot coffee still tastes great… or if it only tastes good when it’s freshly brewed.

………………………………… The Next Morning …………………………………….

It’s now 52 degrees at six-fifty on Tuesday morning. The easiest way to explain most of yesterday is… I went crazy.

Naturally, because I NEVER blame myself for anything<grin>… it’s all because of Marilyn.

Oh, before I get into that… I did come home and had that 2nd cup of coffee. In fact, I had the third cup. That’s when I realized coffee drinkers who drink ‘campfire coffee’ cannot be wimps.

They drink the coffee and probably the coffee grounds too.

I didn’t drink the coffee grounds. I spotted them before I drained that last cup. I don’t know how many grounds might have been in the first two cups.

On the positive side, (probably because of coffee mate sweetener) I will never need to add salt to my coffee.

The first thing I did, when finding I required coffee filters, was to take a dozen filters and cross-cut an ‘X’ in my present filters. I will use them only in my campfire perk coffeepot.

Now, about Marilyn…

Actually, Marilyn’s not to blame… it is her camera. It captures extremely sharp images. Unfortunately, she doesn’t resize when she forwards them to me. I don’t see the whole picture. What is displayed is probably one-tenth of the snapshot.

When I opened her post, my entire display was the color purple. I’d had a very stressful day, (yes, it happens) and I was over-tired, and I thought my computer had finally flipped out.

One of my stress-relievers is to take a very deep breath, count to four and exhale.

I forgot to do that.

Instead, I did the other stress-reliever. I shut down the computer and took a nap.

A few hours later, I woke up and did other stuff and never went back to the computer until this morning.

(Marilyn is forgiven…. again). I resized the photo and enjoyed it. The purple was just a small part of a land/seascape.

I took the Toyota to my car guy this morning. It is going to take several deep breath stress-reliever bouts to figure out how to plan this summer.

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