Early Saturday morning

It’s only 43 degrees at five o’clock Saturday morning. However, the big news happened yesterday.

After taking Bernie and Chris for their exercise, cutting their exercise a bit short, we went to the storage facility, and I hitched up the Casita and brought it home.

A few days earlier I decided I wanted to spend some hours in the Casita, even if only parked outside my front door.

No more mental planning hours.

I want to touch and feel and measure. I had bought plywood and painted it and wanted to put the rear bed platform in the Casita.

I need to measure and maybe even build a shelf under the kitchen stove area.

Last week I ordered two shelves. They would arrive Friday, and I wanted to install them.

And, most of all… I wanted to totally tear the Casita apart to find the elusive Awning-support-leg-hand-wheel I misplaced.

Those were Friday plans. And most of it happened.

Most, but not all of it.

That’s why I’m waiting until about seven-thirty on this cold Saturday morning for ACE Hardware to open.

I did everything I planned on doing. The shelves arrived, and I installed one. I did measure for the kitchen shelf but decided not to do anything about that until I see what other Casita owners have done.

I will be attending the Casita rally at Quartzsite in early February. I will learn a lot and have dozens of ideas to personalize my Casita.

I was not successful finding the elusive Awning-support-leg-hand-wheel. I’ll go to ACE Hardware this morning. I won’t be able to get the exact replacement, but I hope to get ‘something’ that will work.

A photo of the missing Awning-support-leg-hand-wheel that’s been bugging me since September when I lost its mate in Colorado.

awning screw362

ACE hardware won’t have it, but they will match the exact thread size.

fridge shelf454

The folding shelf I installed.

I have to modify the other folding shelf. Working alone provides a challenge. I’ve done all I can. I am at a stopping point.

Here’s why…

sink shelf424

The photo shows the original bracket positions attach to the shelf.

I must reposition both brackets to fit on each side of the furnace vent.

It looks like one bracket could mount on the wall side of the electrical outlet, and move the other bracket to the end of the shelf.

But the shelf isn’t that long.

Both brackets must be repositioned. Nothing heavy will be placed on the shelf.

A neighbor, Jim, will hold the shelf while I drill the last two holes and rivet the bracket to the fiberglass wall. I have to wait until tomorrow.

Here’s how it looks now:

shelf install

With only two hands, books and duct tape can help position things. That’s fine for marking the holes. However, the books are in the way for drilling the holes. I need Jim’s help.

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