What an amazing day!

It is three o’clock Tuesday afternoon on, December 26, 2017. I’ve been looking forward to this day for some time… although I didn’t know this would be ‘The day.’

I strip off my second pair of vinyl latex-free paint-splatted disposal gloves. I stretch my full-length body; both arms grab the sun-drenched sky, both legs achingly taught and spread wide. I grin at what I’ve accomplished.

Oh, I still have one more coat of paint to do before the sun sets today. But it is all the other stuff that made today’s painting possible.

It all started on July 15th when I received the Casita. That was the first surprise. I wanted a specific interior configuration in the tiny seventeen-foot fiberglass trailer.

What pulled up wasn’t my specific interior configuration.

From the outside, all Casita’s look the same. I opened the narrow door and what I saw completely surprised me.

I needed a major mental adjustment. I never realized how major.

Over the past five months, repairs and replacements were made. My small ‘Casita investment fund’ quickly disappeared.

Money became an issue. However, making decisions proved to be a bigger issue.

Habits can be wonderful things. Habits are routines. I’m comfortable with routines. They are trusted and dependable. Give me a dozen tasks that are habit routines, and I will quickly accomplish them.

Everything about the Casita was new. Everything required research and a lengthy thought process to avoid costly mistakes. Financial mistakes or stuff that didn’t fit, or didn’t work or had to be re-assembled.


All the pieces are finally coming together. All frustrating thoughts of, “Well, that didn’t work” have been resolved.

Today, when the sun rose, the solar panels pumped energy through the Casita battery and into my laptop computer. With the new computer 12volt converter, the computer began charging. That was a deal-breaking hurdle resolved.

For two months, I anguished mentally and physically suffered trying to decide where to sleep. Yesterday afternoon, I decided.

I’ll have a rear bed.

For the rest of the day, I took measurements and drew various cushion placements.

This morning, finished with successful solar/computer testing, I drove to Home Depot. I bought a half panel of ¾ inch plywood. A Home Depot guy cut it to my specific dimensions.

Finally, I bought paint to protect the unfinished wood.

The next couple of hours proceeded as smoothly as the morning. I unloaded the wood, lightly sanded it and started painting.

Now I am done. In a couple of days, I will install the bed platform in the Casita.

Tomorrow morning, after I drop Bernie and Chris at the groomers for their weekly wash and groom, I meet Brad at Sun City Upholstery.

I will take one small Casita cushion so he can match foam density. I don’t expect him to have the same fabric pattern. It isn’t important. My sleeping bag will cover the cushions.

There is still a lot to do before leaving for Quartzsite the first week of February.

I’m smiling.

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