Early Christmas morning

A half-moon and 46 degrees in an ink black Christmas morning. Last night… about nine… I witnessed a few fireworks. Nothing elaborate like on the fourth of July. Silent splashes of color… too far away to hear any sound.

It was quiet. No cars, no sirens, no dogs or coyotes sounding off. Not a deep quiet… just a calm quiet.

It’s close to four in the morning. I am usually up at this time of day. In the summer, for sure I am up. That is the time I would be grabbing my newspapers and pedaling around the neighborhood when I was a kid. It’s the best time of my day.

Daylight will happen close to seven. Bernie, Chris and I will be starting our exercise. I’ll walk the sidewalk… no construction is happening this Christmas morning. The dogs will playfight in the street and the vacant field.

Chris is the aggressor. That dog loves to run… a free spirit he leaps and runs like hell… just because he can. At 47 pounds and sleek, he flows over the ground. Bernie, twice his weight and with a completely different gait, lumbers after him. Bernie has a slower, but a more grand rhythm and pace that easily covers ground. 

If Walmart is open, I will grab some toothpaste and… depending on the crowd at seven-thirty this morning… I will wander to the bedding department.

It’s too much to hope for some mattress pad to cover the plywood I’m about to buy. However, I will only be sleeping on it for several days during this trial phase. Any investment needs to be small. It’s the end of the month, and I’m almost broke.

I’ve got some grand plans… should I become serious. It wouldn’t take much for me to become serious. Just a little encouragement… very little encouragement.

… update. 12:30 Christmas day.

Walmart, like every other store, is closed today. It was strange to see an empty parking lot.

Earlier today, I unplugged my laptop. I wanted to see how long before the battery significantly discharged. It only took about two and one-half hours.

It means I can only use the computer for about two hours before it must be recharged. It could mean I must have the laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter socket to get power from solar panels whenever using the computer.

I’m on the computer many hours every day. When camping, I will adjust my computer time.

With all stores closed today, there isn’t much I can do. I’ve tried doing online shopping research. Window shopping just won’t do it. I need to touch and feel items before I make any decision.

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