Merry Christmas

12-24 morning450

Burr… Sunday with the sun coming up on December 24, 2017. It’s 43 degrees with no wind. Bernie and Chris are super frisky this cold day before Christmas.

There isn’t any sign of construction workers at the future mental hospital site. The men have been working furiously for the last week… pouring cement foundations and laying concrete block walls, attaching massive steel girders to partially completed walls.

Now, with their work completed just before Christmas, they can enjoy time with their families.

With these cold weather days, I am bundled up with a wool hat, wool scarf, thick gloves, and jacket. I walk much faster than usual; quickly to finish my twenty-five hundred steps. Normally I stride for three thousand, but with the nip in the air, I’m satisfied with a shorter distance.

The dogs don’t mind their brief stint in this cold air. It doesn’t give them their full measure of exercise. They know a hot breakfast awaits them within minutes of returning.

It is cold enough to enjoy hot coffee laced with French vanilla flavored Nestle Coffee-Mate. I lace more smooth Coffee-mate than actual coffee.

Anyway, it’s hot and tastes delicious.

For me, the day before Christmas and Christmas Day will be quiet. It is the calm before my storm of activity.

Tuesday, I will visit the Casita. I will set up the solar unit and test my brand-new cigarette plug-in. I need to find out if solar will power my computer. It didn’t last week when I tried it while camping at Quartzsite.

While in the Casita I will be busy taking measurements for several other modifications.

I’ve decided to shift sleeping from the side to the rear of the Casita. There is some expense involved. It requires careful measurement. Measurement for a wood platform as well as mattress material.

During the Quartzsite camping trip, I discovered there wasn’t enough room to prepare meals. I’ve ordered two shelving units. When they arrive next week, I will install them. It will double meal preparation space.

Christmas decorations around the resort now consist of both Christmas and non-Christmas items.

The Christmas decorations are traditional lights and colorful figures. The non-Christmas items are blankets, bedsheets and black plastic tarps. They cover outdoor plants to protect them from being frozen.

It’s been 43 degrees every morning at five o’clock. It’s probably a few degrees colder earlier. However, wind helps lower the temperature to below freezing.

At ten-thirty it is only sixty degrees, and I think it will be the high today.

For me, the good news is the shortest day of the year recently passed and now longer days begin.

I’m never satisfied. It was too hot for me last summer, and now it is too cold for me in December.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Marilyn Granger

    Joe, It is actually warmer the last two mornings. Last Wed and Thurs it was 38 at 7am. Today it was mid 70’s, which is really pleasant. But as soon as the sun heads down, it really cools quickly.  I too am glad that the shortest day is now past. I do not like the long evenings. I enjoy going outside and working in the yard. Today was my day to do laundry…almost done, and prepare items for tomorrow. We are going to Dorothy’s for the day. They are having breakfast at 9am. I received a “quiche” recipe from Jeannie many years ago and it has become a favorite with many of our friends and the family.  Don’t tell John what is in it though. He will not eat things that contain cottage cheese, sour cream, or cream cheese. This dish has cottage cheese in it and he enjoys the dish.  We have to keep quiet with several dishes we make. In the afternoon we are going to Facebook the kids in Missouri and Ohio. Then we will pig out on dinner. Ben and I bought a 6.65 lb rib eye roast and John is smoking it for us. I am bringing green beans (with onions and almonds), olives and Crème Brulee. Have all that stuff ready to go. Our grandson will be there and it is impossible to buy for that guy. So I made a quart of Bolognese sauce, cookies and will make a basket, adding bread, pasta and cranberry chutney. Good luck with the additions that you are doing to the Casitas. It is fun making it your own. I am enjoying my time off and have been staying in bed an hour later. Getting spoiled!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Marilyn


  2. josephlacey12

    I think all you are missing with the long list of ‘yesterday ways Christmas Holiday was celebrating’ is a trip to Grandma’s house through the woods in the sleigh.

    What a wonderful way to share with family and friends! (and I won’t tell John he’s going to enjoy the forbidden food….

    Merry Christmas


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